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Our Experience

  • Aged Corporations
  • Any industry of your choice
  • Submit your inquiry for list of company names available
  • Four types of Corporate Credit build up services and Business Trade Line accounts
  • Business planning
  • Dunn and Bradstreet build up services with 14 primary business trade line activations all reporting to company EIN number not owner’s social
  • Complimentary Corporate Tax return

Why Us?

Personalized and friendly boutique agency

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Access to over 500 lenders


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Aged Corporation Acquisition and transfer to your home state

1. Once you've selected your package and made a decision to hire us for your Aged Corporation


Corporate Credit Build Up Services TIER ONE

For active companies in good standing. All Inclusive In house comprehensive build up service package


Corporate Credit Build Up Services TIER TWO

After you complete TIER ONE there are many many additional Corporate trade lines you can add,

Menu / Price List


Purchase a company name in the 3-9 year old range in the Industry category of your choice

Purchase Your Aged Corporation Now

Aged Corporation Acquisition package with 14 primary Dun and Bradstreet Trade line accounts activated and reporting to company EIN number creating a Dun and Bradstreet 80 Paydex score.


VIP Affiliate re-seller enrollment

VIP Affiliate re-seller broker enrollment with training, support, marketing materials and discounts


Aged Corp with build up Svcs.

Our Deluxe Aged Corporation Acquisition Combination Add On Upgrade package includes Filing and transfer fees, Dun and Bradstreet 14 trades, Seven Equifax and Seven Experian, Complimentary Corporate tax return and Affiliate enrollment.


Our Equifax Seven Trade Pkg

Our Equifax Seven additional corporate tradelines Accounts upgrade package. For clients that request Seven additional Equifax tradelines activated and reporting.


Experian Seven Trade Accounts

ADD ON: Our Experian Seven Trade line corporate accounts upgrade service.


Mentorship Program

Our White Label Mentorship program includes marketing materials, inventory lists, discounts, four training sessions and support throughout the year


Dun and Bradstreet 14 package

Our In House Affordable Corporate Credit Build up services Dun and Bradstreet 14 Primary Business tradelines package, reporting to company EIN and Dun and Bradstreet, creating an 80 Paydex score. Includes complimentary corporate tax return.


All Inclusive Build Up Package

Our All Inclusive Combination “Accelerator” Package with Seven Equifax Trade Line accounts, Seven Experian and 14 Primary business Trade line accounts reporting on your company EIN and Dun and Bradstreet creating the 80 Paydex. 28 Trade accounts total!


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